Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Temple has 'officially' closed for 2 weeks now.....we are on holiday!

When we were about finished working in the temple, Sisar Goodliffe said.....who wants to go for a Hesburger run!? Sisar Groberg and I agreed that sounded like a Fantastic idea since we were all pooped and did not feel like cooking a thing when we got home. By this time it was 3:00 p.m.
The 6 of us were off to Sello and on our way to Hesburger. Those Arizonaburgers were just so good! With fries and a Fanta orange drink no less....only 1 cube of ice!
While we were sitting there a couple of sister missionaries and a former Helsinki Finland missionary showed up. We treated them to a Hesburger too!! They loved it.
Got back to the asuntola to find an Estonia sister who needed to check out of her room. It took several of us to figure out how to use the credit card machine! Finally, the guy in the back with a black shirt showed us how it was done. Well, that was easy!

Now, we will prepare for our trip up to Lapland next Wednesday. Should be fun and we are certainly looking forward to it!!

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