Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The two-week shut-down for regular maintenance on the temple has begun. Wayne got to go help clean the baptistry today and he enjoyed that. Never got to do that in the Washington D.C. Temple. The rest of the day has been spent in catching up on little things around the apartment. We have gotten some packing done in preparation for our trip up to Lapland tomorrow!

When the mail came (and it is always fun to get mail....especially for missionaries) there was a package for ME and one for WAYNE!! Wayne got a Medical Magazine (if you call that fun!) and I got a package with my upgrade for Mac Snow Leopard!! Boy was I excited to get that. New stuff!! Don't know what all there is, but I suppose I will find out. I even got it installed with no problems. Didn't even have to e-mail Kevin about questions....other than how do I do this!

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