Monday, September 14, 2009


We picked our little (and I do mean little) rental car up this morning in Rovaniemi so that we could begin our journey to the far reaches of Finland.
We were not sure we could get all of our luggage in (which we didn't have much, but.....), we actually got it all in. Had to lay the back seats flat in order for it to fit! Should get good gas mileage.....we hope!
We have been warned and forewarned about watching for reindeer! Lots around and they are everywhere. "If the head is down and they are grazing, all is well.....but, if their head is up, watch out because they will probably run in front of your car". This is what we were told by several people. We bought the rental car insurance 'just in case' extra 12 euro per day. Hope we don't have to use it! The sign above is a homemade Finnish sign warning to watch our for reindeer!
The professional road sign telling just where the reindeer areas are. Basically, the entire upper part of the entire country of Finland falls into that category!
You have to admit that this is a gorgeous reindeer! The antlers were so pretty with fur on them.
And yet another.......
And another small grouping!
And 5 more.....look carefully at the right end and you will see the last one!

There was NO shortage of seeing reindeer today! And we are headed farther up north tomorrow......wonder how many more we can spot!

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