Monday, September 7, 2009

A FUN P-Day in downtown Helsinki!

Not quite sure why we end up going downtown Helsinki so much. We just love to walk around and look at everything. There is so much to see and do.

It was raining when we left this cats and dogs, actually! By the time we went to the Tori to have lunch it had stopped and the sun was shinning! We had lunch at our favorite little 'place' and had our usual......Norweign salmon and potatoes. These Finns know just how to make that delicious food. We are so spoiled here!! we continued our walk around, we just had to have some ice cream! Now, who wouldn't need that....right? We 'found' the Fazer Cafe. We didn't even know it existed. Fazer is a very, very good popular and famous brand of chocolate made right here in Finland. And man, is it ever good. So, we had to sit and enjoy this too.
You can probably 'spot' me in the red sweater (that I bought at the sweater wall in Estonia last September of 2008).....just to the left of the statue that Fazer put there!

By the time we headed back to the asuntola by bus, the sun was shining and all was beautiful. This was a walk past the temple as we headed there. Never do get enough of this beautiful sight!

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