Sunday, September 6, 2009


We had been invited to the Jones homes after church today to have dinner with them. They invited us last week when church was over. We told them we would love to come

Espoo is a wonderful ward.....great youth, wonderful musical talent, great family ward! We very much enjoy attending there!
This is brother and sister Jones in their kitchen....notice who has the apron on! Yes, Veli Jones. He loves to cook. We had chicken curry, rice, and several other things that were really good.
After dinner we played a board game (can't remember the name). It was a bit complicated to learn, but nevertheless, we finished ONE round. Vicki won!! Beginners luck. This picture was taken of Veli ja Sisar Jones and their two oldest sons. They had 2 other sons that were visiting other friends at the time. We left a potted flower as well as a small round cross stitch temple picture with them. And a challenge to come to the temple as often as their schedules will permit. It was a very nice day!

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