Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We headed out this morning from Hotelli Inari and drove about 3 hours north and east so that we could find Nuorgam......far right tip top of Finland, on the Norway border! When we got there, we realized there was not a whole lot there. It is too cold to be that far north in the winter!! For heavens sakes, it is the most northern city in all of the Arctic Circle .... just look on a map and you will see!! As we went around a small curve in the road, we came upon this sign (pictured below). Wayne was looking at something else and I was trying to figure out what it said.....something about a "National Border". What did that mean. Wayne looked up just in time to see the sign and say 'We just crossed over the border into Norway'! OOPS...... that is out of our mission! We are not suppose to go there. We can go in ALL of Russia, Estonia, and the other Baltic countries but not to Sweden or Norway! Wrong time zone for our temple district!
We made the most of the situation and decided to take a few pictures. The rock monument that Way and I are standing by is the monument to the Finland Border on the Finland side!

You might be able to read what it says.....if you can read Finnish!
We took this picture welcoming us back into Finland! We were glad to get back on that side of the border. Even the road surface was different in Norway!
And here we are being officially welcomed back into our 'home country'!
Home Sweet Finland Home!!

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