Saturday, September 12, 2009

On the map...... "Lumberjack Candle Bridge" is quite the impressive bridge. We actually walked across it!


It started out as a rainy day but we were on a mission ...... to find the different statues listed in our little brochure! And we found them all.....and a few more!

This is a 'bonus' statue, not on the map....cute don't you think. A match! How clever.
On the Map......... "Brother In Arms Chain" reminds me of the Civil War!
Another bonus, not on the map......the Marttiini Knife Factory! Cool knives...we bought one, of course!
On the map...... "Lumberjack". In honor of those who engage in that hard work.
On the map..... "Clearing and Reconstruction" to indicate the rebuilding after the wars.
Not on the map but cute.....Moose (or reindeer) made out of concrete! Very clever.

On the map...... "Birth of a Mountain" with each 'section' getting taller and bigger. Very cool.
On the map..... "Monument to the Reconstruction of Lapland 1944 - 1955". A lot of rebuilding had to be done because of several wars Finland was involved with. They are a strong people!
On the map...... "Aurora Borealis" depicting the Northern Lights with a bird flying below it. This one is on the side of a large building.

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