Friday, January 28, 2011

Very Active

Starting with a gorgeous SUNRISE this morning. The missionaries from Russia (here to renew their visas) also liked it! They left this afternoon to head back to their mission in Russia.
Sistra Marina Arsyonova came in from the temple. She got a cross stitch bookmark too (besides the other two Russian friends not long before her)! She is from Vyborg, Russia. I will get to see her one more time in March (if all goes well for her and she is able to get back!).
Just had to get a little 'family shot' in front of the MAP.
I came home at about 5:00 p.m. because we were suppose to have had dinner guests and I was going to get dinner fixed. When I left the temple I got to see a gorgeous SUNSET!!! Can they get any prettier!!! Love them.....
Unfortunately, our dinner guests were sick (there seems to be a little 'bug' going around). They were so sad that they had to cancel on us today. Not to worry......we would have the dinner next Friday night.......BUT.......
we now had food that needed to be eaten. What to do?? Well, we invited the 'afternoon' shift of temple missionaries. I still came home early and prepared the dinner. We had a good time and we were able to use the food for a good reason!
KIITOS PALJON Peciulius, Metsätähti's and Michie's!!! Fun Friday night Date Night.

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