Thursday, January 13, 2011


Let me introduce CHONG ZHANG from Beijing, China.... In fact, I will share part of an e-mail that Wayne wrote to our children and grandchildren Thursday evening!
"As Mom and I were looking out our window this morning, we saw a young back-packer walking through the temple compound, stopping to take a picture of the temple now and then. We didn't think twice about it, but when we arrived at the temple for our afternoon shift, we learned that a young man from China had scheduled to do baptisms. This turned out to be our back-packer. There had been no previously scheduled baptisms, so we had to scramble a little to get a baptismal team together.

It turns out that Chong Zhang is a 20 year old student from Beijing, studying in Scotland. He is taking an extended Christmas break to visit as many temples in northern Europe as he can. He joined the Church just four months ago, and seems real solid in the gospel. He plans on returning to China after he graduates. His Buddhist parents know he has joined the Church, and apparently their greatest desire for him is that he be happy in whatever he does. Notice what he's holding in his hand...."
We were indeed very impressed with this great young man. He will be a leader in the Church someday in his homeland of China. Mark our words!! It was wonderful of him to allow us to share 'his story' with our family and friends. He even seemed vey touched that I would make and give him a little cross stitch of the temple.....I just felt I wanted to do that for him. What an amazing young man! The Church is blessed to have him as a member.

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