Saturday, January 1, 2011


They will be headed back to Idaho Falls, Idaho on Monday morning very early. The Vorimo's hosted the party at their home.
BUT.....I just had to show this picture of one of the little Russians girls staying here at the asuntola this morning......she had so much fun shoveling the snow......and she was so cute doing that snow work!
The Vorimo's are always such gracious host and hostesses! We love going there.
The guests of honor of course were Dick and Ronda Groberg.....they are excited and ready to head home on Monday after serving a very good mission here in the temple. The family await them!!
President ja Sisar Haikkola are always very warm and friendly and help all of us feel we are doing a good job with our service here. It is a pleasure to serve with them.
Veli ja Sisar Vasiliev were here at the temple this week. They were invited to attend because they served here as temple missionaries when the temple first opened and worked in the early days of he Groberg's being here.
I prepared the SALMON because Veli Groberg likes the way I prepare it. He even told me one that it was the best salmon he had ever eaten!
The guests of honor had the opportunity of going through the food line first.
We got an ALL GIRLS PICTURE.....and then the food was ready so we never got the ALL BOYS PICTURE!!! Those little rascals!
Upon arriving home from the evening out we looked up and what did we see?? A LOT of snow hanging over the roof!! I think the 'snow removal folks' will be coming next week to remove some of it!

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