Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Oh my goodness.....what wonderful friends have come to the temple this week from LITHUANIA! We love all of these people so much.....how can we bottle them up and take them home with us!! As they came in to the temple this morning BIG SMILES came on their faces as well as mine. Big hugs and love filled our hearts and theirs. We are soooo glad we get to see them this time....probably our last time before we go home in April. Don't worry, there will be pictures in the next day or so.....with their permission, of course!
What has the above picture got to do with that?? Absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g!! Still thinking about the incredible weekend we had with the wonderful saints in St. Petersburg and how much we love them too. This picture was taken by Wayne as I was sitting in the WI-FI AREA of the Petro Palace Hotel.....it was also a 'smoking area'. And because of that, the windows were open and it was cold.....very, very C-O-L-D!!! What we won't do to stay connected with family and friends at home. That is important for us.....and we were told to do that as Senior Missionaries. Families ARE very important to us!
And that means staying in touch with them. :-)

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