Sunday, January 23, 2011


We visited both Tampere Wards today......2nd Ward in the morning and 1st Ward in the afternoon. This branch new building was dedicated last Sunday while we were in St. Petersburg, Russia. It is a beautiful building......3 stories high.

Very IMPRESSIVE from the outside as well as the inside!
We met Kyllikki and her husband, Veijo, at church and had dinner with them afterwards! By way of reminder....Kyllikki was baptized a member of the church about 46 years ago by Wayne when he was a young missionary here!!
The above picture is the very large and very impressive Lutheran Church......TUOMIO in Tampere. We plan to go see the inside of it tomorrow because it has some very famous paintings inside. And they are the originals.
We drove out to Kyllikki and Veijo's home.....just couldn't believe how much snow there is here.....maybe more than what we have in Espoo......
And at their home....just a gorgeous Finnish Winter!!
Back at the Hotel we walked across 'the bridge' that Wayne remembers so well from serving here in Tampere as a young missionary. He has talked several times about this bridge. I think this is where he and his companion got 'separated' by a red light! And Wayne was a brand new missionary and trying to learn his way around!!
The bridge goes over a RIVER.....just beautiful......
You can see our CUMULUS HOTEL in the distance from the bridge. It has been a great day....back to ESPOO tomorrow afternoon!


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