Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today it does NOT feel like it! At least here in Espoo. The temperatures have been hovering 32 degree all day.....and instead of having snow we have been having RAIN!! NOT a good thing......because when the temps drop again, and they certainly will, that water is going to turn to ICE!!
SO.....when the temple missionaries all got home from church this afternoon, the brethren decided the OX was in the mud....or the sidewalks needed to be cleared of the slush before it freezes and becomes a real hazard!!
Veli Zaretskji and Veli Peciulus headed up to the temple and on the steps........
while Veli Allgaier worked on the sidewalks here around the asuntola. This is certainly not what we would call TYPICAL at all for Finland. BUT......we have a theory!
THEORY: Last week the snowblower broke. Not good. A part on the inside just gave way. The snowblower was brand new....well at least from last year. It could not be fixed until this coming Wednesday. SO.....Until then, the Lord is providing a little 'snow relief' with the rain. Come Wednesday we will probably be back to SNOW again!! :-)
That is our theory and we are sticking to it. has been a wonderful Sunday.....we attended ESPOO 2nd Ward. Great ward and wonderful meetings!!

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