Sunday, January 2, 2011


I finished my 2nd POTD book on December 31st and started my 3rd POTD book on
January 1st! I am so glad I have been able to do this.......I really enjoy looking back at what we have done on a daily basis! KIITOS PALJON Becky for creating this 'idea' and making it a reality!
That happened on January 1st! This morning as we headed off to the Haaga Ward, we looked up at the roof of the asuntola building and what a great overhang of snow we saw! Very pretty but a bit precarious! Hopefully it will be 'removed' before it falls down on passersby!
This was the GROBERG'S last Sunday.....and what a gorgeous SUNRISE to send them off with! We don't see many of these!
So we took advantage of the moment and had a little group shot before loading up in the car. Us and the Groberg's and Sisar Michie.....Kent was taking the picture!
And this evening we rounded out our day by SKYPEing with Aunt Eva! She is 93 years young now....she looked good and Dave and Connie arranged for the 'call' at their home. She is anxious for us to come home!

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