Sunday, January 30, 2011

The picture above was taken after church this morning. We, along with the Michie's and Smith's, attended the Kerava Ward. Michie's are here with us serving a Temple Mission in the Helsinki Temple. The Smith's (Richard and Liisa) were in the first 'wave' of temple missionaries here when it was dedicated and opened. Richard is the great-great-great grandson of Hymun Smith (yes, as in the brother Hyrum to Joseph Smith, Jr.).

It was a beautiful Sabbath sky and wintery looking.....wind blowing a bit and that made it a little cold....but, otherwise very nice. This shot of the temple is not our 'normal' shot because Wayne took it as we were driving past it out of the neighborhood. Nice to have different views once in a while.
We attended the KERAVA WARD with the Michie's. It was their ward conference and we were anxious to be there to enjoy it with them. This HUGE ROCK sits in the front yard of the church. It looked so pretty with the snow.
After church these boys were just being.......well, BOYS! Where there is a pile of snow that ISO (big) in the church yard, you just don't pass that up!! No way!! They were having a great time on it!! Good for them.......
Wayne and I decided to stand at the bottom.......after all we are missionaries and we are not suppose to do things like that!!
After church we had dinner at Veli ja Sisar AIRAKSINEN's home. His wife had to work and we missed not being able to see her. It was so fun to be in their home again.
It was a great afternoon of relaxing, great food and sharing 'stories' about lots of fun things. It was very interesting to have Richard share 'stories' about the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum (his great-great-great grandfather).
We gave Veli ja Sisar Airaksinen a little 'KIITOS PALJON' gift for their generous hospitality! Another wonderful Sabbath day........

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