Wednesday, January 12, 2011

around the Temple and grounds.

While the snowblower has been 'broken' and waiting for a new part, the Lord has blessed us with not quite as much snow. The temperatures got a smidge warmer which has resulted in some melting of snow. Therefore, making it dangerous with snow coming off of roof tops. The little bit of 'rain' we got immediately FROZE and became very dangerous to walk on the sidewalks and steps! ICE is not fun to work with....actually it is impossible to work with.
Hence, this temporary sign was put around the sidewalks and steps to warn people!
We have had some Russian missionaries here this week renewing their visas. We have also had the St. Petersburg Mission President and his wife and two sons here this week as well. What great people they are. We have been greeting them here now for the past 19 months. They are a great family. President ja Sistra Podvodova. We hope to see them on Sunday when we visit two of the Branches in St. Petersburg.
Matti out spreading a little 'sand' to help keep the walks from being so slick. Guess what? It is SNOWING again because the snowblower got fixed today!!

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