Saturday, January 22, 2011


The 'short' of the answer.....last week by the dedication of the NEW Tampere Ward / Stake building. We were in St. Petersburg, Russia attending two branches there and we were unable to attend the dedication. Therefore, we came up this weekend so we could go to the OPEN HOUSE before it ends tomorrow.
Above is a picture of the fire as it happened almost 3 years to the day. It was February 2008 when arsonist started the fire. The building burned completed to the ground! This was the FIRST AREA that Wayne served in as a young missionary here in Finland some 46 or so years ago. We had visited here 2 1/2 years ago and got pictures of the huge HOLE where the building once stood. We were anxious to get back and see the building completed and in use. They have been in a rented 'hall' since the fire.
We were given a TOUR of the building and loved every minute of it. And FUN to see some great folks that we see that the temple very often! Bless their hearts for coming so often. They are so faithful!!! The above picture is of a handmade FINNISH RYÖJY (rug) that was made and hung in the old building. It, along with several other items, were salvaged and saved by the firemen 3 years ago. Bless their hearts for trying so hard to save what they could. It is a beautiful rug and so glad they could save it!!
This is a 3-STORY BUILDING.....very, very large and very, very beautiful and state-of-the-art! The leather sofas were also saved from the old building. They are in this room which serves as the INSTITUTE ROOM!! We will be going to both wards tomorrow. It will be a great day....can feel it in my 'bones'!!
When we left the OPEN HOUSE we headed over to our CUMULUS HOTEL in the center of town. The parking is very difficult to find because there is so much snow and it is taking up a LOT of what would otherwise be parking spaces! Can you see the bikes hidden in all that snow. A whole row of them......not sure they will be seen or found before spring comes sometime in MAY if we are lucky!!
A NIGHT SHOT of our hotel......very pretty.

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