Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day of Celebration here in Finland
All businesses CLOSED as the last day of the Christmas Holiday comes to a close.
Veli Airaksinen (Kerava Ward Bishopric member) invited us, along with any other temple missionaries who were able to come, to the Lutheran Church in Haaga where he was participating in the MESSIAH (Messias in Finnish). Being on the morning sift this week, along with the Peciulius, we were able to go.
It was a wonderful production! It was a good feeling to be the only 5 LDS MEMBERS in this Lutheran Church tonight. I felt proud to be able to wear my Missionary Badge for all to see. I think Veli Airaksinen was very pleased that we were able to be there as well.
The concert was FREE but the programs cost 10euro. They were worth it though. The text was in both English (which is what the songs were sung in!) and Finnish. Very nice to have them side-by-side!
We plan to keep this copy as a memory of tonight.
The choir and orchestra were small but powerful.
You can see Veli Airaksinen on the back row.....2nd man from the right. What a wonderful evening.....and wonderful way to celebrate the end of the Christmas Season!!

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