Friday, January 21, 2011


These people know how to P - A - R - T - Y.....
Just this afternoon they decided they wanted to invite the Temple Missionaries to a 'going away' party before they leave for home tomorrow after the temple closes. And they sure came up with a banquet full of delicious foods!
Veli Zaretskeji will do anything to get a good picture....even knock his wife over!
Veli ja Sisar Vuotilainen came down to the asuntola kitchen to get something to eat because they had been to the temple as well. Tried to catch up a little with Friday night we have a 'date' with them back here at the asuntola for dinner. We will be preparing meatballs and potatoes with lingonberry sauce and brown gravy with cooked carrots! Should be fun....they are GREAT people!

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