Monday, January 24, 2011


While visiting the TUOMIOKIRKKO in Tampere (the BIG Lutheran Cathedral) before we left to go home to Espoo, there was one original painting that I really, really wanted to see. I think I said that in a post from our Monday walking around Tampere. However, what I didn't say was a cute little 'analogy' that Wayne spontaneously said as we were able to see this painting up close and personal.
Below you can see the painting from a distance, as the balcony area was closed off. I was willing to let that suffice and 'say I had seen it' although it would have been really, really nice to see it better than from the mail floor of the church.
As we were looking over some booklets that were available to purchase, I noticed a sign saying there were small 'pins' for sale. I am a 'pin' them and collect them from ALL OVER!! Just one of those crazy thing I like to do. Well, in checking with the grounds guy (as we were leaving).....he, by the way, was shoveling snow!, we asked him about those pins. He made a cell phone call to a lady who would be right here to help us. She came within about 3 minutes. We told her of my desire to purchase a pin. We followed her and waiting outside the closed shop. Upon her return, Wayne asked about our being able to go upstairs on the balcony and see that picture closer up. Sorry but the balcony is closed right now. Upon further explanation by Wayne (in Finnish, of course) I heard him mention something about our being from America and we were currently living in Espoo and that I really wanted to see that picture.
With a very pleasant smile on her face, we said 'Follow me' and I will take you up there. She could have very easily said "Sorry that is the law (Justice calls for the law)" but instead she said "It is the law but I will take you up so you can see the picture (Mercy)"!
It was just a brief but very special lesson on JUSTICE and MERCY!
And I am sticking to it!
Kiitos Paljon great husband of mine!!

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