Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It has been a while!!

When we saw a really pretty BLUE SKY and the sun coming up.....yup....just had to grab the camera and take a couple of pictures. Everything is so pretty and white because of all of the fresh snow........
On our walk up to the temple this afternoon (we are on the p.m. shift this week), we had to stop at the 'trash storage shed' and drop off some trash.....had another FOTO OP with the snow piled so high!
Meet SISAR WALTZER. She is from Tampere Ward. She was our personal tour guide at the OPEN HOUSE on Saturday night.
She is a real stalwart in the here in Finland. I wanted to make a cross stitch book mark for her. It was quite a surprise for her and she seemed very pleased.
We are going to miss these great people sooooo much.....

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