Sunday, October 31, 2010

And this week we only had to drive 35 minutes to church and did not have to stay in a hotel last night! That is amazing all by itself......

BUT....the real amazing part to end our Sabbath was getting an e-mail from NIINA MYLLER in the Joensuu Branch. Two weeks ago when we were there we met Niina. She is being taught the Gospel by the missionaries serving in the Branch. Because the church was close to our hotel in Joensuu, we decided to walk to church. I wanted to give Niina a little cross stitch picture but had forgotten them back at the hotel. We had dinner later that day in a member's home and the young missionaries were there as well. I gave a little picture to them with the instruction that the next time they taught Niina they were to give it to her and take a picture to send to us. And let us know when her baptismal date would be! Tonight, we got the picture of her holding the picture and her baptismal date has been set for NOVEMBER 27TH!!! We are so happy and excited for her.
Today we attended church in the KERAVA WARD right here in the Helsinki Stake! Close to home sweet home. During part of the meeting block I had a meeting with Katarina about some LDS Family Services material. It feel good to be 'back in the saddle' again.....just like old times!
After church we had a dinner appointment (literally as we walked into the chapel!) with Veli ja Sisar Airaksinen. She is not a member (yet!) and he is in the Bishopric. He is also a very active temple worker. We love working with him each week!!
They have just the cutest dog ever!!! I fell in love with him and I think he liked my paying attention to him!! I wanted to put him in my pocket and bring him home! AAAHHH.....
We had a little group picture after dinner and before we left! Wayne and I with the Airaksinen's next to us then the Peciulus and Johnson's. It was a delicious dinner...what a grea cook she is! I will be making a little cross stitch picture for them!
It has been a wonderful Sabbath!

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