Sunday, October 17, 2010

(Sunday in Joensuu)

It was a great Sunday in Joensuu. The 6 of us started out attending the branch in Joensuu where the brethren all spoke. All 6 of us sang an intermediate hymn......I Love To See The Temple. The 1st verse was in English. Then we sang the 1st verse again, along with the 2nd verse in Finnish.

The new young missionaries are doing great work in this branch. They had 3 investigators at church today. They are all looking good for baptism soon! All of the investigators are wonderful.....we got to meet and talk with them.
The young elders were also good sports with taking pictures for us! Barbara and I had to have our picture taken in the snow!
It was over to the Pietarinen's home for a dinner appointment. This was the cloudberry dessert she made for us. It was just delicious! Cloudberries are a Lapland berry and are very expensive to purchase.
This was the 'dinner group' in their home today. Can't believe she made enough food to feed ALL of us......the 6 of us senior temple missionaries, 2 young missionaries and Branch President Järvinen and Sisar Järvinen. She was a real trooper.....
Just had to take a picture of this neighborhood SNOWMAN on our way from their home.
Then it was over to the Järvinen's home for another dessert. I made a cross stitch temple picture for them. We had visited their home 2 years ago when we were in Joensuu as a part of our retirement trip and cruise.
And then over to Eva Tolvanen's home. Wayne knew her 45 years ago when he was a young missionary here in Joensuu. Loved the lights outside of her porch light....just lit candles.
Eva is just the cutest little thing. And such a charming hostess!!
What a wonderful Sabbath day.....great spirit here in this little branch. Many, many of the great church leaders in Finland have been members here in Joensuu!! They have moved on to other parts of Finland and are great leaders in those areas.

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  1. Elizabeth and I served in Joensuu for 6 months. Seeing your pictures made me homesick. The Jarvinens are a wonderful couple. The branch has some great and faithful members.