Friday, October 8, 2010

That being DAVID's 40th birthday!! Can it be that he is that old already. Well, it is true! I could not dig up a picture of him as a baby because those pictures are back home in America....I will settle for a picture of when he and Alyssa and their girls came to visit us back at Christmas time 2009. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID! I remember it well.....that was the best crab imperial for my FIRST meal after delivering my 8 lb. something baby boy!
Wayne and I were at the recommend desk and greeter at the temple this morning early. We looked out the front door just in time to see this gorgeous sunrise!! Looking toward the asuntola.
And as we walked home this afternoon we just had to marvel at the beautiful FALL colors right now. They won't last long. We can feel the SNOW in the air. It won't be long before that comes either!!
As I was working in different ordinance areas in the temple today, I just had to again marvel at the AMAZING LANGUAGE ability that 'happens' in the temple. I was able to speak Russian and Finnish as well as English, of course. And to have all three languages 'going' at the same time is just amazing to me. Don't know that I will ever get too complacent with least I hope not.
When we finished working in the temple, we went over to SELLO to do a little shopping.
We got home just in time for Sisar Merja Vuotilainen to come by and say hi to us. She had just finished attending the temple. Her car broke down and had to be towed. She took a bus from work (in Helsinki) to the temple. We took her home.....talked for a bit about her family. They have invited us over in a few weeks to a FAMILY HOME EVENING with the family and present a lesson on the temple. We are excited to do that.

Good day.....looking forward to having all of the ESTONIANS here tomorrow at the temple. Should be fun!!

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