Thursday, October 7, 2010


It has been a quieter than normal week. Enough patrons but the asuntola doesn't have many guests staying here. With Helsinki Week, the patrons can come to the temple from their home and don't need to stay overnight. However, that will change tomorrow afternoon when the ESTONIANS arrive!! We are very excited to see them! It will be hopping on Saturday at the temple.
We got a PACKAGE from home today (actually it arrived yesterday but we didn't get it until today). Steven sent us a new alarm clock that we ordered from and had sent to them. AND 30 more little 3" mini wood frame for my cross stitch temple pictures. This may last us until we leave in April to go home! We will see!!
LOVE those packages!! And I wonder where Steven 'found' the 'I LOVE FINLAND' stickers? Maybe in our desk drawer at home!! :-)
This afternoon we had a SURPRISE visit from ANTERO SAASATMOINEN......a fellow that Wayne taught as he served here in Finland on his mission some 45 years ago! He came by to take some pictures of the temple and to visit with Wayne a few minutes! So good to see him....
He seemed to have a little 'twinkle' in his eye as they talked about him coming to the temple. We will see......we are so hopeful. He is a great guy!

FOLLOW UP DR. REPORT: My shoulder feels a whole lot better today. I am hopeful it will get a little bit better each day for the next few days. Old Age is not for the weak of heart or faint!

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  1. Vickie--glad shoulder doing better. BTW--I have a guest here spending the night. Gary Willard is headed to Boone and he and dog Abbey stopped for the night.