Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This is FINLAND MISSION WEEK, meaning the outlying wards and branches are here at the temple this week. It is quite busy and we love being super busy! That is what we are here for. And the asuntola is FULL as well. HYVÄÄ.........HYVÄÄ!!
This morning as we headed up to the temple, it was about 7:40 a.m......and you can see how dark it is at that time now. Days are definitely getting shorter....and very quickly at that.
Along with the Finland Mission District coming, we also had a large group of RUSSIAN MISSIONARIES from NOVOSIBIRSK here this week. They had to leave, with renewed passports in hand, this afternoon and head back to different parts of Russia. There were familiar faces amongst this group....and some that we saw for the last time today because their missions will be ending and they will be heading back to the states. AAAHHH ...... we will miss them! They have become good friends.
I crocheted a red lace doily for Sisar Järvinen. We visited their home while we were in Joensuu over this past weekend. They are so sweet.....just a little 'extra' I wanted to make for her.
She seemed very pleased to have it.
Our GOOD WEEK continues.....the arrival of more saints from OULU will take place tomorrow! Can't wait to see our friends from there.

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