Friday, October 15, 2010

S ~ N ~ O ~ W

and even though it was not that much, it was indeed a very pretty snow while it lasted!!

This morning Wayne realized that he (as the missionary car 'czar') needed to get those studded winter tires put on! We, along with the Michie's and Groberg's, are headed north tomorrow after the temple to JOENSUU. We have speaking assignments on Sunday at church and a dinner appointment after that. It is a 5-hour drive north.....and the weather is a bit tricker there.
So, Matti and Wayne loaded the winter tires in the van and headed over to change them themselves (no appointments were available to have the 'professionals' do it).

And since they were doing that, I had a couple of errands to take care of Sello. That meant I was on my own to go there. That included scrapping the frost off the windshield too!
Here was what the thermometer read inside the van. I should have had my gloves on along with my winter coat but I am holding out for another day or two, maybe!
Meet Sistra Negovan. She is from Russia but living in New York (Manhattan actually) with her husband and daughter. She has been on business here in Helsinki all week. AND she has been to the temple every single day to do work for her ancestors. She did over 300 baptisms the first part of the week and other work has followed that. She is a real sweetheart! I gave her a little framed cross stitch temple. She seemed thrilled to have it.
And a relatively quiet week will come to close tomorrow. I am sure it will be busier tomorrow.....Saturday's usually are!! Thank goodness.

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