Monday, October 18, 2010


We decided to do a few 'errands' on our way out of Joensuu this morning as we headed back to Espoo. But, first.....a look at our view out our Hotelli window. Not much but not too bad either.
There was a little (actually quite a nice fairly large size) TAITOTORI shop just 2 blocks from our Hotelli. Quick little walk and we could shop for some locally handmade 'necessities'!
There was one fairly large room dedicated to a teaching people on how to use a weaving loom. There were about 8 - 10 looms. Very, very neat. Here is one lady re-learning how to weave. She had done this as a young person and wanted a refresher course.
Out back was a BLACKSMITH shop.....perfect for the guys to check out! (left to right: Kent Michie, Dick Groberg and Wayne)
Us girls had SUCCESS!! No surprise there.....Left to right: Barbara Michie, Ronda Groberg and me.
Just checking out CITY HALL with the rounded top.....and the beautiful fall leaves.
And at that, we headed back to ESPOO......6 hour drive!

THIS WEEK AT THE TEMPLE: FINNISH MISSION......and we seem to have a full-house here at the asuntola. That is a good thing.....should be a busy week! We LIKE that!

NEXT WEEKEND: Another trip....this time to JYVÄSKYLÄ ..... a mere 4 hour drive.

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