Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 ~ 10 ~ 10
[October 10, 2010]

Now....that is a date to remember....just because!
It was a beautiful fall day here in Espoo. We went to the HAAGA WARD. Haven't been there for a while and won't be there for a few more weeks because of speaking assignments the next week few weeks in other wards and branches. It was good to see friends we haven't seen for a while.
We took the opportunity to take some pictures of the fall weather......
the above picture was taken from the 2nd floor balcony, asuntola where we live.
We had Veli Zaretski take this picture of us....turned out well we thought.
After we got home from church we realized that it was a FLAG DAY! Wayne and Kent took it upon themselves to hoist that flag up! It is quite the effort to do that!
With the wind quite strong today, it didn't take much effort to have the colors flying proudly! We were told that it was snowing up in Lapland this weekend. We surely won't be too far behind with our snow here in the southern part! :-)

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