Wednesday, October 6, 2010

as said the Doctor.....Dr. Allgaier that is!
(The above picture is Wayne's black bag given to him when he graduated from George Washington Medical School in 1971! It is a REAL treasure! And well used up and went on many a house-call!!)

So, even us Senior Missionaries have 'ailments' from time to time. We are NOT exempt. Unfortunately!
(This version is revised a bit from the original writing!)
I have been having some upper arm, shoulder pain for a while now.....and getting worse. Finally GAVE IN to my husband's recommendation that I have a shot of cortisone to help it. "NO"....I really don't need that. I am not that old to be having bursitis. Make a bet! Well, we don't bet either....SO....
I finally gave in and asked for a shot. Hopefully in a few days I will feel a difference and it will feel 'all better'! Wayne pulled out his 'black bag' (a newer, Finnish version of the original black bag he left back home in Maryland).
And just to reminiscent for a minute.....the picture on the bottom was taken of Dr. Allgaier on the day he RETIRED from his medical practice in August 2008!! WOW....that seems like such a
L-O-N-G, L-O-N-G time ago.
And the picture on the top, below, is the contents of the black bag.

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