Thursday, October 28, 2010


ALL of them too!! My goodness, these people here are ALL so wonderful we just can't imagine we will have to leave here someday! :-(

The end of the TAMPERE WEEK is coming to a rapid close. They have been wonderful this week......and a great turnout of patrons too.

Here is Sisar Lampinen is from OULU. She has a few minutes and was working on a Christmas present for each of her 5 children........Christmas TABLE RUNNERS!!! Cross stitch at that. Well, say no more......
I wanted to sit down beside her and make me a set!!! They are just gorgeous! AAAHHH......I am jealous!
Sisar Merliläinen and her children have been here all week.....they leave this afternoon to head back to OULU!!! Can we just say that we see a trip to OULU in our future. Probably not until January because it is a L - O - N - G trip up north not too far from the Arctic Circle!! That will be a train ride and rent a car when we get there.
They are such a great family. The day / husband is not a member. This mother is so faithful and the children and just as strong in the Gospel. We saw them, as a family, at church when we visited in Kajaani a few months ago. I made them a little cross-stitch temple picture, just because!
Over the past two week-end trips we have made Wayne bought 3 little hand-held wooden 'trick' games. He decided to give one to each of the 3 children just because they have enjoyed playing with them this week. They were tickled to have them! The above picture shows the youngest daughter showing how she 'discovered' the secret to solving this one.
And they each proudly show off 'their' game! See ya in OULU Merliläinen and Lampinen families.....and our other friends up there!

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