Saturday, October 9, 2010


The temple week ended with a HUGE bang today!! We had Estonians, Russians and Finns come today. It was a bit crazy.......but way FUN and the way we wish it was EVERY DAY!!

Veli ja Sese Pecuilius from Lithuania had the day 'off'. It is the custom of this temple presidency to rotate 'Saturday's off' for the Temple Missionaries. This week it was the Pecuilius' turn. They decided to go MUSHROOM HUNTING IN THE FOREST!
Can I just say THEY LOVE TO DO THAT and apparently have done it for many, many years in Lithuania. They are quite the experts. These are some pretty ISO, ISO (BIG) mushrooms.
I had to feel somewhat 'successful' with my kitchen abilities so I decided to
come home and bake some PEANUT BUTTER - CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! Peanut Butter compliments of Jonathan and Tina and Chocolate chips compliments of Kevin and Lauren on their recent trips here to see us. Flour......well, good luck in reading the label.....purchased here in Finland!
It has been a GREAT DAY and look forward to a relaxing weekend!
This evening we had a little visit with some Russian friends from St. Petersburg. They were actually visiting Veli ja Sistra Zaretski, our Russian Temple Missionaries. Sistra Svetlana Akulinina and her son, Koustantin and his wife Lade and 5-month old baby Arina. I gave the girls a cross stitch temple picture.

NEXT WEEK: TEMPPELIPIIRI (anyone in the temple district!!) Should be interesting!

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