Friday, October 29, 2010


Yes, Outside of our temple work, we have other responsibilities we have to take care of. Wayne has been 'assigned' to be the CAR CZAR.....the temple missionaries have access TWO VANS. Wayne has to take care of 'all their needs'.....and that includes washing them when they need it.
The afternoon turned out to be fairly nice so we decided to head over to the
DO-IT-YOURSELF-CAR-WASH. Just in case you aren't sure how to wash your vehicle, the instructions are listed above!
He has gotten very EFFICIENT in his efforts....he wash the whole van with just 1 euro!
FIRST.......spray it down with water....
and once you have done that.....
SECOND........soap it all up
THIRD.......scrub it with the brush, rinse and ALL CLEAN!!!

See how easy that was.......nothing to it!
And that is how we spent our 'free time' after working in the temple this morning!

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