Friday, October 29, 2010


Anne-Britt has been working as a full-time Office Manager in the Helsinki Temple the entire time we have been here. I think she worked here a total of about 3 1/2 years. She had to 'retire' based on her family situation.
Thursday night was that 'going-away' party. The refreshments were just delicious....and very cute as well.
Pavel also works in the office. He does NOT like to have his picture taken at all. This is his 'normal stance' when it comes to pictures!! Crazy him......
And the OFFICE GIRLS are Left to Right: Sisar Hlinonsky, Sisar Krönquist, Sisar Lindross and Sister Hyyli. In fact, Sisar Hyyli broke her arm several months ago and is just getting to the point where she might be able to come back to the office again soon. We miss her. All of the sisters above are volunteers in the office....except Anne-Britt of course.
The party was held in the President's apartment after the temple closed. All of the temple missionaries were there along with the office staff and the entire Temple Presidency.
We had our picture taken with Anne-Britt along with the Grobergs. What a fun evening!

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