Sunday, October 24, 2010


It was a wonderful day here.....Wayne and I along with Veli ja Sisar Michie spoke in Sacrament Meeting.....all in Finnish of course. We also sang a little song "I Love To See The Temple". I think they went well! Below I am pictured with the Järvinen's daughter who is married and lives here. We visited in her parents home last weekend when we were in Joensuu! I made her a little Temple picture. She lived in Maryland for a couple of years....Chevy Chase area. Small world in the church. We see her often in the temple.
Veli Koivisto was at church today.....we saw him a month or so ago in our apartment in Espoo. Wayne knew him a little 45 years ago. We will visit his home on Monday morning before we leave town to head back home. Made his a cross stitch picture as well!
As we were leaving church and heading to our Dinner Appointment, these cute little kids were playing in the church parking lot with the snow piled up from yesterday's snowfall!! They had so much fun...
Our DINNER APPOINTMENT was with the Lampinen family.....she is a Multämäkki daughter, the family Wayne taught and baptized 45 years ago! So fun to be in their home.....7 children and the oldest is serving a mission in Sweden right now.
Their little 7 year old daughter grabbed our camera and took this cute picture of Wayne! She did a great job.....
and then she took this picture too......she has talent!
Here is a FAMILY PICTURE with all but the missionary son.....great looking family!
I made and gave a cross stitch temple picture to the wife/mother, Kaisa.
As we were leaving, Wayne noticed the beautiful pieces of BIRCH BARK laying on their front porch!! He has truly been looking for a nice piece for the past 1 1/2 years!! They gave him several pieces.......he was in HEAVEN!
Then it was a drive north of where we were......80 km! Out in the country. It was just starting to get dark. This is where OLEVI lives. This is a guy that Wayne taught and baptized 45 years ago. You see, Wayne served in this area for 6 months!!! A long time for missionaries!
Olevi has not been active for some years. He was excited to have Wayne and I come by. He was very talkative! Wayne invited him to come back to church. I did not hear him say 'no'!! We will see.
I made a little cross stitch temple for he and his non-member wife! We will see what happens from here.
It has been a wonderful day here in JYVÄSKYLÄ. Tomorrow morning we will meet the Michie's back here at the Hotel (they are spending the afternoon and night with the Hintikka family). We will drive back to Espoo......

THIS WEEK AT THE TEMPLE: TAMPERE STAKE! They always come in mass! Can't wait to see our friends!

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