Tuesday, November 2, 2010


YUP....that was on Monday and today is Tuesday!!! So sorry....guess we have to deal with a late entry....busy, busy, busy on this end!
We LOVE the Voutilainen Perhe (family). We have developed a lot of connections with their family. We feel like a part of their family. We knew Jake played the guitar and sang. We have tried to get him to 'perform' for us before but 'later'! Well......
tonight at FHE was 'later'!! Thank goodness. They invited us over to give a lesson on the TEMPLE for their FHE. We were thrilled to do that. It was fun and we had a lot of music along with it. Once Jake got started, he just wanted to keep on a goin'........
Bella, their youngest daughter, had a birthday last week. We celebrated with not only a beautiful cake but also a DELICIOUS cake made by Merja!! She is a great cook.
And here is proof that the cake was a HIT!!! Not many crumbs left.
Got a cute little picture of Merja and Jake at the end of the evening!! Such a great couple....so cute. KIITOS PALJON for a GREAT FHE......

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