Sunday, November 21, 2010


As we checked out of our hotel before church this morning, there were these cute little Holiday Decorations in the window. Very simple but very cute.
The Branch meets in a rented space for right now. It is a very small branch. There were about 12 people there......counting the young missionaries and Wayne and myself and one more American teenager who was visiting. You will meet her in a picture or two. Wayne and I were the speakers for Sacrament meeting. In the small branches, we have just a 2-hour block. Today was Priesthood and Relief Society combined. That was at 11:00 a.m. with Sacrament Meeting at 12:00 noon.
Here is a little group picture of part of the branch right after church at the front door of the rented space. The church has obtained a NEW space where they can call their own as soon as renovations are completed! And they will be able to have the name of the church out front as well. 'FOOD WEST' just doesn't seem to be quite right for the name of the church
Our American visitor, ANNELI IZATT from Provo. She is an exchange student in Pori. She is on the swim team there and they had a 'meet' in Seinäjoki on the weekend. Anneli chose to come to church instead of participating in the meet! Good for her.....she has been taught well!! And....a small world story.....her grandfather, Reed Izatt, was one of Wayne's professors while he attended BYU way back in the day (of Chemistry). And Wayne actually worked a part time job for him as well!!! Only in the church can you 'find' these kinds of things.
President ja Sisar Liukki had us along with Anneli over for dinner after church. Anneli was nice enough to take a picture of the 4 of us. What a wonderful meal!! And such warm and loving people. Just like all of the other Finns we have met!
We drove up to PIETARSAARI / JACOBSTAD to our Hotel JUGEND for Sunday night. We will go 'exploring' Monday morning to try and find the rededication monument where President Benson rededicated Finland to the preaching of the Gospel.

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