Friday, November 26, 2010


Wayne had the 'Asuntola Duty' tonight and it was a hopping place to be. I sat down there with him to enjoy all of the 'visiting' going on and looking for a couple of sisters to give cross stitch bookmarks to!

The evening started off with the WEDDING RECEPTION of BRAT DMITRI NIKIFOROV and his new bride. They are from VIBORG RUSSIA. He served his mission here in Finland and returned home about 6 months ago. What a great looking couple they make!
Along came SISAR VAIMAN from Estonia. I made her a cross stitch bookmark. She is so sweet. She is the one who taught me my Estonian ordinances in the temple.
There were a whole bunch of people attending the wedding reception from the Espoo Ward. There is where Brat Nikiforvo served the longest. A group of the young people came out to the desk and were talking with us. They were headed over to their Friday night Seminary Activity. A little late because of the reception. We told them we would 'vouch' for them!
The along came SISAR WELLING! She is a Service Missionary and works in the temple office a couple of days a week. I was able to give her cross stitch bookmark to her as well. What a cutie-pie she is.
And last, but certainly not least, was sweet SISTRA OGANOVA from Tallinn (Russian speaking branch). She has been a huge help this week. Not much English but somehow we always seem to be able to communicate!
Great Friday evening...couldn't think of spending it in a better way!

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