Saturday, November 27, 2010


This has been a tradition at the Helsinki Temple since it was dedicated 4 years ago. Last year it was COLD but we had no snow.
We also got a NEW STABLE because the other one was too big and could not be 'folded' in the off-season.
And this year we had PLENTY OF SNOW AND PLENTY OF COLD WEATHER!!! It was 7 degrees outside. Just LOVE the way these little Finn kids are so cute with their snow suits on.
Members of the Helsinki Stake Choir performed a couple of musical numbers for the program.
It was fun to 'chat' with Sisar Haikkola (matron) and Sisar Vorimo (one of the assistants to the matron) before the event started....heating up the GLÖGI.....sssoooooo good!!
Us Sisar Missionaries made homemade cookies for the 'gathering' inside to warm up after the event was over. We had a nice turnout.
Got to 'grab' our little group pictures when we can......L to R: Sisar Zina Peciuliene (Lithuanian temple missionary), me, Sisar Groberg and Sisar Haikkola.
Barbara Michie (left) missed out on the first picture so we had to take another one!
A FUN evening.....but nice to be inside our apartment with a nice warm thick robe on!!

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