Thursday, November 11, 2010


I thought I was finished 'posting' for today after we visited Sisar Röslif in the hospital and gave a cross stitch bookmark to Lena. Alas....little did I realize I was not 'finished' yet!

SISAR HYVÄRINEN was at the Temple today. I had made her a red lace doily and had been waiting for her to come so I could give it to her. Well, that was TODAY. And she made a DELICIOUS CAKE for us! So sweet!
Then there were two LITHUANIAN sisters that have been here all week with the young single adult group here from all over the Baltic. The Sese on the left came for the 2nd time this week. I remember when she came about 6 months ago...... JOVITA SULINSKAITE. And the gal on the right came for her own endowment this time.....GITANA GALVIDYTE. Both just as sweet and happy to be here as possibly can be!! :-)
Acting really as their little 'guardian' away from home was Sese Skaiste Makshakhti-Tolstosheev. Below was when she and her fiance came to get married earlier in the year! I even remember when they were dating and came to the temple on youth trips! And then it was the marriage......
Because I had made and given her a cross stitch bookmark when they got married, this time I gave her a baby gift for their little boy they are expecting in mid-January!! How fun to follow the lives of such great people here.
Okay...I think that is it for today! A full day.......Friday and Saturday are looking to be the same! We love days like this!

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