Sunday, November 28, 2010

at the end of the 'lighting' event for the SEIMI, Wayne borrowed Kent Michie's FUR HAT for a picture by Joseph & Mary statue. He looks like he should be warm huh! Except where is his coat!? Oh, he forgot that inside!

we stayed close to 'home' and did not travel long distances this weekend. That was nice for a change. I took the picture below out across the porch on the back of the asuntola. The sun, at 9:30 a.m., is just beginning to peek it's little head on the horizon. At this time of the year that is about all we get.....a little PEEK!! Better than up in Lapland where they basically don't even get a peek!
SISAR SUONPÄÄ in the librarian in the Haaga Ward. She is a sweetheart. She always makes sure we get our manuals each year....for me in English and Wayne in Finnish. She had seen the cross stitch temple I made for Sisar Roslöf and really wanted one. I made her a bookmark instead of the picture. She was tickled to get it.
After church I made a delicious meatloaf (even if I must say so....found the recipe on site). Then Wayne and I were able to get the Christmas BOXES finished and ready to take to the POSTI on Monday. And the Christmas cards will be mailed as well. That is a good feeling to have that done.
Hopefully everyone will received them in a TIMELY way and will enjoy a little something from us for Christmas!

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