Monday, November 29, 2010


The Christmas Tori's will be starting this week so we decided to stay home and take care of a few errands today. We will be 'venturing out' to go to those Tori's! It was a beautiful day.....very frigidly cold weather but no snow. Beautiful blue sky.
The picture above was taken at SUNRISE at about 9:46 a.m. The sun is shining on Joseph and Mary and baby Jesus.
We went to JORVIN HOSPITAL to visit Sisar Olga Roslöf again. Bless her heart. She had to have surgery again this past Saturday. She has had sooooo much trouble when she fell and broke her hip. This was her 3rd surgery in just under 2 months. She did seem in good spirits though.....and she looked really good to.
The trees were just beautiful as we drove home.
As we were pulling into the asuntola we decided to take a picture of the temple at SUNSET. This was taken at 3:54 p.m. The sun these days just barely 'skims' the horizon before it disappears for the long winter days.

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