Monday, November 22, 2010


We checked out of our JUGEND HOTTELI in Jacobstad / Pietarsaari on Monday morning and headed up to LARSMO to look for the 'monument'! The little white car where Wayne is standing was our rental car for the weekend. It turned out to be a great little car.
The monument is on private property. We tried to get permission from the owners of the property but they were not home. We took a chance and started walking in the direction that we had been told we could 'find' it! We were hoping we were not on a wild goose chase!
But through the trees we could see it....up on a little rise just like we had been told. And on SOLID ROCK...of course. This is Finland and we would expect nothing less than that.
If you look carefully you can see writing on the plaque.....3 languages of course. Top is Finnish, middle Swedish and bottom is English. Here on this sacred spot on July 16, 1946 President Ezra Taft Benson rededicated Finland for the preaching of the gospel. Very historic day for Finland.
We then started on our long trip back down to Espoo.....we were driving on fumes when in the middle of nowhere we 'found' this ABC!!!! We were ever so grateful to 'find' it. We love our little ABC's!
There was a lot of snow up north where we were and it was a beautiful drive home. Here is just a sample of the beauty we saw.
And another 'beauty'!! So many frosty trees.....
because the temperatures were so cold that the moisture in the air just stuck to the trees like glitter or frosting or sugar or whatever you want to call it.
After traveling over just 1,000 km. we made it home safe and sound. And TIRED!! But very grateful for yet another wonderful weekend trip! We love these trips. Our 'next trip' may not be until January when we head over, hopefully, to St. Petersburg for a weekend visit with the Michie's.

THIS WEEK: The Baltic area. We will see which familiar faces will be here this week! And what languages we will brush up on!! :-)

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