Saturday, November 20, 2010


Because it was our 'free' Saturday off, we decided we would head NORTH. We had been invited to speak in the Seinäjoki Branch. It is a small branch and they LOVE visitors.
However, we needed to make one little 'stop' just outside of Helsinki first. And that was at the MARTIN MARKKINAT FESTIVAL.....ESTONIAN FESTIVAL!
It turned out to be a wonderful event. And quite BIG too. They even brought one of their 'roasted nut carts' from Tallinn over for the event. We LOVE those roasted nuts. And the weather was perfect.....COLD AND SNOWY!
Even Wayne enjoyed himself.
The drive up to SEINÄJOKE was a very pleasant and beautiful drive. We just love those FROSTY TREES!!! SO Northern Finland....although we had them down south last year as well!
We will be speaking in church tomorrow. We are looking forward to a great day with the Saints here.

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