Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Espoo Outdoor Museum

We have driven past this Open Air Museum so many times. Always in a hurry and have never stopped .......... until today. We went to the Hospital this afternoon to visit SISAR RÖSLIF again and this is on the way. And, we found out that Wednesday is FREE day! No usual 2 euro charge. How nice was that!
There are many wonderful outdoor buildings. This was a 'working farm' dating back to the 1700's....not built just to show how the farm folks lived way back when. They actually lived on these premises!
They had some beautiful carriage-sleds. Well maintained.
Part of their display in one of the buildings was by way of PICTURES! This was my favorite one by to LOVE all of those women out 'traveling' to wherever with their skis and dressed in their skirts. Now, these Finns know how to get around and did it quite well.
No museum visit is complete until the GIFT SHOP is visited at the end. This was NO exception....found some cute little things!

By the way.....Sisar Röslif is doing much better.....still has some bleeding from the surgery in the leg. Not sure why and therefore not sure when she will be discharged. She was in good spirits though and seemed to be glad we were there to see her. What a sweetheart!

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