Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Remember our little Russian Missionary, Margeta Lednjova? Well, we get an e-mail from her every single week!! Bless her little heart. She is so good about writing to us. And on Saturday (2 days ago) she sent us a little 'surprise package' through a Senior Missionary who was here in Espoo renewing her Russian Visa. That was so very sweet of Sistra Lednjova! She made me a little hanging that says 'Jesus Loves Me' and a key chain from Samara (where she is currently serving) and a picture of us with her taken last spring when she was here at the temple before leaving for the MTCC and a sweet little 'angle card'!

We are on the morning shift this week. That means Wayne has the ASUNTOLA DESK DUTY at least once during the evening hours (and actually he has it twice this week because he is taking Veli Zaretski's night for him!). I thought I would sneak down and 'catch him in action'!
He actually has it pretty easy this week because the asuntola is not a 'full-house'.....it is FINNISH MISSION VIIKO. So Wayne took plenty of 'work' he can accomplish while he is there. (scriptures to read and study, laptop to catch up on e-mail and a medical magazine to work on!

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