Sunday, November 14, 2010



Wayne had asuntola desk duty, which meant he was not at the temple but taking care of patrons signing out of the asuntola (who had been here all week). And to take care of anything else that might be going on in the asuntola. And it proved to be a VERY active day for him. The newly wed VELI ja SISAR KOMULAINEN. Are they not the most handsome couple you have ever seen! The bride is the daughter of Veli Mustonen, the Temple Engineer. She was a gorgeous bride!!
THEN....the Lithuanian and Russian Young Single Adults who had been here all week agreed to let Wayne take a GROUP PICTURE!! What a fantastic group of young people. They were at the Temple every day.....morning and afternoon! Great kids.
Just chatting and having a great time before they departed.


It started out as a beautiful day with the SUNRISE on the Temple at about 8:00 a.m. We thought it was suppose to rain today but we were in for a pleasant day of sunshine.
Upon checking e-mail, etc., we discovered it was
HYVÄÄ ISÄNPÄIVÄÄ here in Finland......(or better known as Father's Day)
and that also meant it was FLAG DAY as well.....Wayne and Kent did the honors!
We were off to church to HAAGA WARD with the Michie's and Groberg's. It was a very nice day there.
When we got home from church we decided it was perfect weather for 'updated' pictures in front of the temple.
Then after a batch of homemade mushroom soup and homemade rolls it was RELAXING TIME with the new wool socks that Kyllikki made for us. They are so warm and cozy!
Next Viiko (Week).........FINNISH MISSION

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