Saturday, March 27, 2010



It has been a wonderful week with Samara here. So many familiar faces and some new ones. We love them all!! We will miss them terribly when the Kiev Ukraine Temple opens. They will probably be going there at that point.

After a little Saturday afternoon nap (we are retired and senior missionaries....and we can do that!), we decided we wanted to see from our walking trails looked like. They are behind the asuntola. We have not seen them for about 4 months now......too much snow covering them.
We fully expected them to be slushy and muddy with the melting snow, we just didn't expect them to be that muddy!!
A 'new, temporary' sign had been erected since we last walked there. 'Beware of skiers'!! We could see the skiers from a distance........
And, yes, there goes one. The skiers have great paths to exercise on.
And it is not just the is the horses and dogs and a few people!
It was good to see some of the rocks poking their cute little 'heads' from underneath the snow.
I didn't know Wayne took this picture. I was trying to dodge the deep muddy parts. Kind of hard to do, but......oh well. My feet will dry when we get back to the asuntola.

It was a fun little walk. NOW, we prepare for the TAMPERE STAKE to come next week. They usually have a great group of people come as well. And there will probably be some Russians mixed in with the group. There always are. That is what makes it so fun.

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