Sunday, March 14, 2010


Before we get to Sunday, let me introduce Veli Greg ja Sisar Linda Christensen. They are from Wallsburg, Utah. They arrived here in Finland on Thursday afternoon. Sisar Christensen is the artist who painted the mural in the temple. She has painted quite a few murals in at least 16 temples. She has done other paintings for the church. We have enjoyed getting to know them these past 3 days. We have spent a lot of time with them!! What a great couple they are. We have had fun getting to know them!
We decided to go to the Hyvinkää Ward today for church. They wanted to go with us, along with the Zareketjs's.
It was a wonderful Ward. We were so happy to recognize so many of the ward members from the temple.....even a few workers!
Sisar Anttila (maiden name of Sister Aaltonen) came up to me after church and said 'Oh, Sisar Allgaier, I have been looking for you!' What a pleasant surprise. She served her mission in the Maryland Baltimore Mission the same time David Higgins was serving there!! She remembers coming to our 'very large home' while there. Sister Shirley Taylor, of Bethesda, Md., had told her that we were serving in the Helsinki Finland look us up!! What a small world.
She is now married with 3 children. She and her little daughter came to church on their skis today. That was their mode of transportation!!
Here, above, are their skis!! And this little guy rode his bike to church.
After church we drove up to the Hämeenlinna Castle so we could show it to the Christensen's. They really enjoyed it.
Veli Zaretskij forgot his hat so he borrowed his wife's hat!! Now, isn't he cute!!

Great Sunday!!

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