Monday, March 8, 2010

Day #6......

(HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY HERE IN FINLAND and other places in the EU I think)
As we looked out our hotel window this morning (in Pietasaari) we saw a huge effort going on with trying to remove some of the snow. Now, this is what we need at the temple.....ISO (big) snow blower like this!!
We headed down to Vaasa where we found the Ward building there. Notice that the name of the church is in Finnish and Swedish. There is a large Swedish population here as well.
We walked around Vaasa for about an hour just to see a few things. Here is a water tower that Wayne really liked. Not like a 'normal' water tower in America.
We drove to the outskirts of Vaasa to find the 'Old Town Vaasa'.....Vanha Vaasa. It was fun to see the difference between the 'old' and the 'new'!
This is an old church in Old Vaasa. Very picturesque.
We drove on some of the 'back roads' or coastal roads from Vaasa to Pori. We wanted to see some of the quaint little villages along the way. Kaskinen is one of those little villages. In fact, it is the SMALLEST village in all of Finland.....according to Sisar Talvitie! She should know because she lives there.
The typical mode of transportation around the small country towns and villages. This little guy seemed very please that we would take his picture. He was so cute. Probably coming home from school since he has his book bag on the scooter with him. Can you imagine traveling around like this all the time? These folks do.....old and young alike!!
Sisar Talvitie is a Swedish/Finn who we see at the temple all the time. She is also an ordinance worker. She gave us her address and told us to find her home! She was not at home but we were anxious to see her home anyway!!
In trying to find a little 'gift shop' in the little village of Kaskinen, we found one but it was closed! Of course, because it was winter and it was Monday!! As we were stopped in front of the shop, this guy came along!! Well, guess what? He is the owner. He not only took us inside the shop, but he also talked our ears off. We spent longer than we had planned but it was fun. He knows Sisar Talvitie too!! We did purchase a few things there!!
Another 45 minute drive and we were at our destination for today....PORI. We drove past the church so we could see what the chapel looked like. Only ONE language for the church on this building.....FINNISH!!

Tomorrow we head down to RAUMA to the lace-making capital of all of Finland. Can't wait to see some of their handmade things. I just hope there are places that are OPEN!!

We continue to have a wonderful trip!!

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